Photo: Luka Malešević - FK Iskra Danilovgrad

August 28, 2018

Our members have a great day because Mojaš Radonjić coach of Montenegro U21 squad put on a list our member for first time in his career. Luka Malešević from Iskra Danilovgrad is on the players list for games against France U21 and Bulgaria U21.

Look at his latest highlights from last game against FK Sutjeska in Nikšić Luka Malešević, individual highlights, FK Sutjeska vs FK Iskra

That is just small gift for player who shined on the start of the season in First Montenegro League and was noticed by experienced manager. On his list, there are five other members of our site, Periša Pešukić from Rudar Pljevlja, Momčilo Rašo from AEL, Balša Banović from OFK Titograd, Stefan Lončar from Sutjeska and Stefan Vukčević from Zeta. Good luck to all on 6th and 11th September in Nikšić.