Photo: Dragan Grivić

August 21, 2018

Third round of matches of 1.CFL was on Wednesday and goalkeeper Stefan Popović from OFK Petrovac, defender Balša Banović from OFK Titograd and midfielders Edvin Kuč from FK Rudar, Driton Camaj from FK Lovćen were in best team for TV Arena Sport.

Best team of 3rd round 1.CFL

You can check their profiles here:

Stefan Popović

Balša Banović

Edvin Kuč

Driton Camaj

Fourth round of matches was even better because our member Dragan Grivić was elected as best player. Beside him in the team of the week were goalkeeper Mićo Perović from FK Lovćen and defender Ivan Novović from OFK Titograd.

Best team of 4th round

You can check their profiles here:

Mićo Perović

Dragan Grivić

Ivan Novović

Congratulations to all and we are looking forward for more great info from First Montenegro League.