Photo: Zdenko Kordi

November 12, 2018

Respectable handball trainer Zdenko Kordi is one of the esteemed users. That was the reason to take a look back at our project, but also at the famous trainer's 40 year long career that included him leading clubs such as NEXE, Podravka and Croatia's women national team.

What do you find interesting about

I was attracted by the page's content. As a trainer I am at all times interested in the players currently available at the market.

Do you think that our idea has the potential?

I like the idea and I am honestly hopeful about its lasting power.

Would you recommend our site to other professionals from the world of sport?

Every day I am in contact with people from handball and other sports as well and I happily recommend your site to them.

What are you doing right now, handball is still number one in your life?

My every day routine includes working 4 to 6 hours at further improving my professional expertise. I read and write, follow the SEHA league, women's and men's EHF league, EHF cups, French, Hungarian, Romanian and Bundes leagues. On monthly basis I leave Croatia for a few days at foreign clubs invitations. Reasons behind such kind of visits vary: I go as a mentor, to work, experiment, further explore. Also, by the end of the month of November I will be giving lectures in the city of Osijek at the course aimed at gaining the handball trainer title.

Can we expect some professional news from you in the near future?

During the summer and fall as well I have had several inquiries and six, seven serious offers and negotiations but nothing has been finalized. I am hoping that already by the time of winter break there could be something more specific and definitive in the works. is grateful to handball expert Zdenko Kordi for taking time to answer our questions and for placing his trust in our idea.